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Experiences to come


Fall 2023

Bære [bæ:`rə]

Choreography and Dance:

Hanna Filomen Mjåvatn & Kira Senkpiel

Upcoming Venues:

Piran Coastal Galleries, Slovenia 03.06

Bærum Kunsthall 14.10 & 15.10

Galleri Würth 12.11 - TBC

R.E.D. 12/02.12 TBC

About Bære [bæ:`rə]

The Bære [bæ:`rə] performance duet is based on an interaction between contemporary dance and visual art. With a physical and bodily approach, Mjåvatn and Senkpiel explore the tendency to categorize "at first sight". By questioning the intuitive manner through which we interpret something or someone as weak or strong, lightweight or heavy, small or large, the duo moves through interactions of trust, risk, and comfort to open up a physical dialogue with the space and the public.The performance functions as a conceptual spine interwinding expressions and making it receptive to new interpretations.

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