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Choreo Dance

Brave and Beautiful

Choreographic works in Dance Productions

Main accomplishments and collaborations

Kira debuted with her first solo in a coproduction project “CAFFEE” in 2011, directed by posttheater. This experience brought a strong understanding to her visual approach to dance and motorised her interest to choreography. Further she reconstructed Dussia Bereskas solo “Orchidée” from 1923 for the installation performance "Raumdeutungen" directed by Juliette Villemin in 2014. Upon request she also choreographed a piece for the award ceremony for the European Union “Inventor of the Year” 2014. In 2017 she started re-exploring solo work creating the piece “Half life / Air compressed tight to explode”. In 2021 she initiated and completed her first full evening production “Die Falte” in collaboration with Gisela Sprenger Schoch. The production was interdisciplinary involving dancers, visual artists and musicians.

In 2022 a conceptional collaboration was founded with Hanna Filomen Mjåvatn. The performance BÆRE [bæ:`rə] has become an ongoing research based performance structure, allowing audience to discover and understand the diverse meaning  “to carry” or “to hold”. This production is currently touring.

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